WAT Web Alignment Tool
WAT Web Alignment Tool
This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under contract number EHR 0233445 awarded to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Any opinions, findings, or conclusions are those of the creator(s) and developers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the supporting agencies.

Welcome to Web Alignment Tool

This tool is designed to produce reports on the alignment of curriculum standards and student assessments.

The process requires a group of reviewers first to assign depth-of-knowledge (DOK) levels to standards/objectives (Part I). Then reviewers are to code assessment items by identifying the depth-of-knowledge for each item and the corresponding standard/objective (Part II).

1. The steps in using this tool and the process include
2. Training on DOK levels for content area
3. Logging on
4. Selecting a state, content area, and grade
5. Individually coding DOK for each objective
6. Group reaching consensus on the DOK for each objective
7. Coding independently the DOK for each assessment item and corresponding objective(s)
8. Recording Source of Challenge and Notes

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